High Quality Airjet Aerator 2HP/3PH

High Quality Airjet Aerator 2HP/3PH

High Quality Airjet Aerator 2HP/3PH

Short Description:

* High Durablity , Strong Quality, Long life, Anti acid-base.
*High dissolved oxygen,Balance Water Temperature, Clean Water,Strong Water flow.

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Item No. Power/Phase Poles Voltage/ Frequency Efficiency Aeration Capacity Insulated Resistance 40HQ
MI 2HP/3PH 2 220-440v/50Hz 0.82kg/kwh 0.7kgs/h 200 MΩ 180

* Pls check the spare parts leaflet for detailed specifications

Key Feature

1) Suitable for water depth over 2m culturing farm pond to aerated the Bottom water, which has high oxygen supplement, purification of water
2) Under the high density culturing farm, the effect for the oxygen Supplement would be better if it could be used together with our paddle Wheel aerator at the same time
3) Can adjust the jet angle and suitable for the culturing farm pond of the Different depth of water
4) The whole machine adopt the engineering plastic and the stainless steel, Which has high durable, intensity quality, resist acid-alkalinity, sun Exposure and salt water and sea water
5) Few spare parts, easy assembly and maintenance, long lifespan
6) Also suitable for the industrial waste water treatment
7) Can be specially devised according to customer's requirements, and the Biggest power can come up to 22kW
8) Lightweight, small measure, low noise, easy installation and convenient To operate.
This Airhet aeration equipment requires no routine maintenance. There are no bearings to grease or floats to be checked. The pontoons are made of UV-protected polyethylene and are filled with closed-cell foam, guaranteed not to sink, even if punctured.
The motors are hazardous duty, industrial- grade, designed to run 24/7. The air shaft is made of a stainless steel tube that has a 录-inch thick wall. The rotating turbine is made of nylon imbedded with fiberglass making it both corrosion and wear resistant. The aerator prefers to be left alone once it is turned on, i.e. no need for routine maintenance or inspections.

Key Feature

Description Motor
 a 100% Copper wire with the thermal protection, can help the motor auto shutdown when overload  over heating or leakage
Description Impeller
 a 304 stainess impeller able the usages in the salty water for fish and shrimp farming. It can also help to gain a good performance on the aeration
Description Support Frame
 a Stainless hook, reliable tight down the motor

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